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 Design Notes : Feb 16th, 2009

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PostSubject: Design Notes : Feb 16th, 2009   Wed Feb 18, 2009 9:30 am

Feb 16th, 2009
Long Un-live the ShadowSycthe!
The tale of a land consumed by Chaos
Following the events that began on Friday the 13th, the world has been left in utter chaos. King Alteon has been mortally wounded and no healers can cure what has happened to him. Rumors of strange new monsters from the North are starting spread. These monsters are said to even attack the mindless undead of the Shadowscythe, who are now without leadership. Ambitious for the now empty throne, the most famous Villians of the world are searching for the ruins of the fallen flying dragon fortress. Sepulchure's daughter is no match for their power and once they learn of her existince it is unlikely they will allow her to survive. The forces of Good and Evil are both in bad shape -- will either recover in time, or will the 1st Lord of Chaos appear and end this story before you had a chance to draw your weapon? Anything can happen in AQWorlds!

Coming in the next release:
"Shadowfall..... long unlive the Shadowscythe!"

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Design Notes : Feb 16th, 2009
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